Monday, July 23, 2012

I did an interview with while at the Well Rounded Bash in Vegas. I thought it was just a radio interview, but hey, there's video! Woohooo!

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Friday, July 06, 2012

My "First Date" Dress

The other day, when digging through the back of my tiny closet of doom, I found my beloved "first date" dress. I wore it A LOT, not to say I went on a lot of first dates. OH, hell, yes I did. LOTS. I would wear it usually on dates in the fall/winter since it is a heavy dark green velour, with a rope tie at the waist. I thought it was kind of classy, simple and nice and warm for Minnesota winters. It was from Dayton's/Marshall Fields, and was one of my first garment purchases that was over 100 dollars.

I proudly hung it on the back of my office door to reminisce.

Ivan sees it. I exclaimed, "I went on a LOT of first dates in this!"
To which he said, "You went on first dates in that? It looks like a monk's robe."

So, ummm, yeah, so it does.

It's difficult to reconcile in my brain. The guys I met in this beast of a dress seemed to like me in it, as I was asked out on second dates fairly often. Maybe it was *in spite of the dress* as I can see that it's a pretty hideous garment for a first date. Nuns and monks don't usually get asked out on second dates, do they?

At this juncture, some ~mumble~ years later, I want to apologize to the guys with whom I'm still friends that were subject to the green monstrosity -- sorry for dressing like a nun on our first date. I appreciate that you were able to see beyond the velour nightmare.