Saturday, March 10, 2012

They come at night, mostly.


Went up north hoping to see the aurora from the most recent sun flares. Unfortunately, no flares, but I did figure out how to take some pretty star shots. I feel like I've developed a new toy! The possibilities of night shots are endless. It takes a LOOOONG exposure time (30 seconds or so), so one can't be too creative in the winter cold, but come out!
By the way, the shadowing in these shots was from a full moon. It turned the night into day!
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Bobber said...

Cat, those are truly amazing. That must be quite a good camera you have these days to be sensitive enough to capture the stars that well without having to track them. Really cool, Cat! I used to be an amateur astronomer way back 40 yrs ago, but I just try to keep up with the trailing edge anymore. Glad to see you are having a great exploration of what you and your camera can do.