Thursday, November 03, 2011


Halloween is over. Phew. One of my favorite holidays, to be sure, but for some reason all the work (Zombie Apocalypse party preparations) just seemed a bit empty to me and just more work than fun. I always say this after the big Halloween to-dos, but next year -- pizza from Papa Johns and store bought cookies. None of this homemade crap! Of course, come next October, I'll be planning the baking and whatnot yet again...

 I think what made this Halloween's preparations especially difficult is that canning season never ended. It wasn't until Halloween that we had our garden freeze. So, two days before the party, I was still putting up apple pie filling! More kitchen slaving on top of more kitchen slaving! My hands are raw from all of the dish and hand washing. I want to do more apple pie filling with the remaining apples, but after that...I!!? Pretty exciting, for me anyway.

 On to the next set of holidays. I'm not a huge Christmas person. It's fun and all. I love the lights and the coziness that comes with it, but the consumerism gets old real fast and pretty much ruins it for me. If I had my druthers, I would do away with gifting within the family 'cept for those under 14 or so.

 While I haven't been huge on decorating the past several years, I ran across these Santos figurines and busts in a randomly received catalog from Ballard Designs. ( Specifically and ). They really speak to me! In a way that hasn't grabbed me in YEARS. I love the simplicity and solemnity on their faces. There's a certain darkness to their primitiveness, too. Ahhhh, good stuff...just thought I'd share. By the way, I found a site that looks to carry very similar articles here: http:// Even more variety. I really love coloring and expression in the bust pictured above, but seeing even more variety is pretty thrilling.
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