Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Do you believe in a supreme being (god for example)? If not, do you believe that people are brainwashed (in other words; can't think for themselves)?

No, I don't believe in an all knowing, all powerful supreme being.

Nor do I believe the faithful are brainwashed. Most people simply choose to believe what they are taught growing up. The negative connotation of "brainwashing" isn't really applicable to most believers unless you choose to believe that cultural education of any kind be considered "brainwashing."

I think it's also a bit shortsighted to think that religious people are brainwashed. I think a lot of people struggle, examine and still choose to follow a particular religion. To me, it's just one of those things that we can't prove nor disprove. Unfortunately, for a lot of religions, they see non-believers as being bad, immoral, hell-bound people. I just see believers as being people who choose to believe something I don't.

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Anonymous said...

Since most religons teach us to be sharing, caring, non-judgemental beings in their basic form I have chosen to believe. Idon't think there is 1 "true" religon. If my belief in God is true there have been many messengers sent to the human race in all cultures and of all faiths to inspire use by their example. If a "Christian" believes Ghandi is in Hell after the exemplery life he lead of service to others I can only say that is not the God I worship. We all need to strive to be less selfish, more giving, less judgemental and for some of us having the crutch of blief in a higher being helps with those asperations. After following your posts for the last ten years or so it seems that you are already there. Harry