Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thought of the Day 2011 #16 - Special Sort of Idiot

An idiot texts at a mall, falls into fountain. (click here to view). Mall cops post blurry, unrecognizable surveillance video of idiot on YouTube. Video is funny. Millions watch video as it goes viral. Idiot finds out from relative that video is on YouTube. Idiot complains to mall security. Mall cop is fired for sharing idiot's flip into the fountain. Previously unrecognized idiot goes on television to announce that she is suing for damages from the embarrassment of the video being posted online and being recognized for being an idiot. Aside from the handful of people who knew she had fallen in the fountain, no one else would have recognized her. So, damages?? The real damage is to the idiot's pride for being an idiot two times over. Once for texting and swimming, and the other for putting her idiot face on television to claim she was somehow wronged.