Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #231 - Cleanliness and CSI

*zoom in on the hair on the floor the body on the floor is visible in the background* *CSI agent looks around the floor and spots THE hair, gets out his tweezers and evidence bag. He carefully places the hair in the bag and says, "I think I've got something.* Yeah, typical CSI type scene on television. I have no idea if that sort of thing happens in real life, but it does make me wonder -- are murdered clean freaks more likely to have their killers found? I was swiffering the floor in the living rooms today and found a lot of hair. I'm sure most of it is mine, but if someone were to kill me in my own house on a day where the floors were dirtier than this afternoon, would they even bother to go through the dustpan? When I had Kipper, hair was even more of an issue. Oh, and let's say my body is missing, but the spray for possible blood patterns in the bathroom? I would think that they will find old blood patterns in there, but just from really bad period blotches that have been cleaned up but not with bleach, so still detectable. They would probably have me declared dead due to all of the blood and spend thousands of man hours searching for my body. All this while I'm off on a tropical island and *forgot* to tell anyone I was leaving. Point to all of this? If you're going to get murdered, do so with a clean house. Its all in the planning, people! Do not be unprepared.