Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #204 - Cholesterol

While I was chatting with my doctor yesterday about medicines and potential impending demise, I asked about specifics on my blood panel from two weeks ago. I wanted to know the numbers on my cholesterol. 161. Pretty dang good! And my LDL is 91. Again, ideal. So, I took the opportunity to explain that fat people do not necessarily eat five cheese burgers a day. I'm sure he's aware, but it's always good to refresh the memory when faced with a fat person.
I do find it curious that my cholesterol is as low as it is. During the summer I eat a lot less meat, but I really thought my blended iced mocha habit would have raised the numbers. Lots of milk in there! Since I last heard the specific cholesterol numbers, I was in the 170s...still good...but it seems crazy that it's dropped. Ah, well, accidental diet improvements are all good.