Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #201 - Phone Books

It's phone book season here in SoJo. I have five new phone books on my front porch. I don't want them, so I keep them there until I get them in the recycle sense bringing them in.

It seems that in these days of easily retrievable information via the Internet, that the phone book's days are over. It seems excessive to have one out on my porch, much less five.

I think the phone directories should be delivered and printed on an opt-in basis ONLY. Perhaps postcards could be sent to homes that would have prepaid postage on which a resident could mark with an X and drop in the mail? Oh, the forests this would save if only the wanted books were printed! Think of all of that stinky ink that would be eliminated, too.

Soon...soon...the wasteful books will be a distant memory....