Sunday, August 15, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #182 - Ugh Women

No, not all women. I belong to a private board on Facebook for fat women and specifically those seeking dates. While I am not there looking for dating advice, I had thought I could impart some advice or stories from my singlehood. Unfortunately, it has turned into a gossip board. At one point I saw so many, "I heard X about him from a girl who dated him, and...." that I posted a call to eliminate hearsay. I think it helped for a few days...but then...back into the gutter of gossip and speculation about individual's sexuality and orientation. Just messed up. What is really disgusting is that the women who are the worst gossips and speculators are completely convinced that such talk is completely acceptable in a semi public environment. Which, in my opinion, it is not. Nothing but damage can come from it. And, right now, the primary damage is to the reputation of these gossips. Oh, and my trust in women is even less solid than it was before. Women suck. (Obviously not ALL women, but a large number of them. ewww. Icky. Ptooey. If I were a man, I think I just might be gay.)


Anonymous said...

It may not help but men can be just as bad. our gossip is inter-spaced with exaggerated bragging about individual sexual prowress just as damaging (if not more damaging) to both parties reputations. When you don't participate then your sexual orintation is assumed to be gay. Harry