Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #179 - Peach Thieves

Peach thieving season is upon us yet again. It's the time of year when losers pull up to our yard and help themselves to the juicy peach goodness dripping from the trees. Even upon being confronted, the thieves are unapologetic. It's as if they feel they have every right to raid the trees. One car yesterday had the parents encouraging their little kids to do the stealing for them. Awesome. Not only are the parents losers, but they are passing the bad habits onto their children.

What is ridiculous is that if someone comes to the door, or catches us in the yard, we are always willing to share. All one has to do is ask, and the peaches can be had.

It's the bold-faced thieving that drives me crazy. So, today, I called the police and asked if I were to provide a license plate number, would they actually follow through and contact idiots who knowingly steal a handful or bucketful of peaches? You betcha, they will.

My photo and documenting task is ahead of me. I figure we don't need to confront, just stand in front of their car, take a photo, or just write the license down. SoJo's finest will do the rest to try to "learn 'em" that stealing is wrong.