Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #167 - Wrong State

I fear I live in the wrong state when individuals applaud others breaking the law because it fits their personal ideals.

As a backstory, a week or so ago a list of illegal immigrants was compiled by a couple of women working for the state unemployment and social service benefits department (name of department changed for definition sake). This list of 1,300 families was sent to various other departments, media and law enforcement. The list included confidential information about these people. The families are receiving benefits because one or more members are legal citizens. More on the story here, if you are interested:

It is wrong on so many levels. Invasion of privacy is just the beginning. Who knows what sort of potential harm can come to the families "outed" on this list if it gets in the hands of militant anti-immigration crazies? Just not right.

Not right and yet there are crazies posting online and communicating in other ways in support of the law breaking, short-sighted idiots making the list. I can't help but think this is akin to outing Jews in Hitler's Germany.

I seriously wonder if the women were paid by an outside group to create the list? They were state workers, so there was probably plenty of room for financial gain. That would add even more drama to an ugly situation.