Friday, June 18, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #146 - virus update

It has been a tough fight, but I really, really do think I have pretty surely, almost positively beaten the virus that caught hold of my pc. The dragon reared it's ugly head yesterday morning which resulted in more hours of research, rebooting, scanning, reinstalling, etc. It was the rootkit, Google forwarding, super secret HelpAssistant virus. Which is now a part of my book of nightmares.

I think about how innocently it all started and how horribly wrong it all became...I just feel so violated... I have become paranoid about clicking on links, and I am also paranoid that the infection will come back 'cuz it maybe lying dormant in a file somewhere on my system. I check the "documents and settings" folder several times a day to make sure the evil "helpassistant" hasn't checked back in to the hotel.

With the over reported violation of iPad and AT&T security, it makes me think that is REALLY insignificant compared to time wasting trojan viruses like this one.