Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #145 - Good & Bad

Good news first. Well, I *think* I slayed the malware dragon. I had some nasty variant of the HelpAssistant virus. I discovered it was copying all of my profile files to a new user called "helpassistant". There were holes busted through my firewall in an attempt to access the files it had copied. Good times. Hopefully nothing of value made it out during the few moments when it wasn't locked up.

Bad news. My friend Alexandra was in town today on her way back to Minnesota after visiting with her critically I'll mother. Her mom had a few lucid moments last week and during those times, she indicated she wanted to fight to try to live. The doctors gave her a very small glimmer of hope and she was clinging to it. Alexandra was heading back home as the care center attempted to rehabilitate, suspecting that the her mom's fight was going to be long and probably fruitless to get her off the ventilator. That was two days ago. Today, while I was visiting with her, she received an urgent call. There was no longer any glimmer of hope. Her lungs were damaged beyond repair and they urged the family to begin the end...to give her a comfortable way out. Two options were offered removal of liquids from her diet and she would die in just a few days, or remove the ventilator and she would die in hours. Three family members were involved in the making the decision. They have tentatively decided to remove liquids in order for a family member the option of final good byes. If that family member does not choose to travel out to say good bye, the decision is to remove the ventilator.
It was hard to hear the call from the doctors and the familiy's struggle to make the best decision given the circumstances. I doubt there is ever an easy way to make this decision. So tough. So sad.