Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #135 - Appsolutely Insane

If you've seen the advertisements for iPad, you no doubt have seen mention of "200,000 apps!" Wow...so many apps, so little time. Unfortunately, the reality is that most of the applications are not worth the time to download them.

In addition, you can only run one (2 if you count having iTunes concurrence) program at a time. In my experience, any app that is a duplication of its website presence loads slower than the web version, and typically doesn't have all of the functionality. So why not just have bookmarks to the web presence instead of the app? Saves time and disk space.

Then there are the apps that really don't live up to their promises. And the apps that lock and fail.

Can you tell I'm a bit disappointed in most of the apps? Maybe I'm just not finding the right ones? Got any recommendations?

My favs - GoSkyWatch, Scrabble, and Netflix. You?


Anonymous said...

There doesn't seem to be as many apps for iPad yet as there are for iPhone.

The ones I use all the time: We Rule, Pandora, Newsrack, Crosswords, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Field Runners, ABC Player

I've been lucky and haven't had problems with crashing.

Anonymous said...

PS... I completely forgot Plants vs Zombies. It's a really fun addictive game.

Cat said...

I bought Plants vs Zombies. I blame you for losing four hours yesterday. Darn you! (it's a fun way to kill time! Thanks!)

Anonymous said...

Lol... It's really easy to get sucked into that game. I originally played it on my Mac. It's one of my favorites.