Monday, May 03, 2010

What did you do for fun this past weekend?

It was a really low-key weekend. I slept in on Saturday. Yay for a little more sleep!

I worked on getting some stuff listed on ebay. (My fabric stash is out of control.)

Did some baking on Saturday: a yummy cream cheese carrot cake loaf from Baking Bite's new cookbook. ( Yesterday I made some pizza from scratch. I love homemade pizza dough made in the food processor. So good. I know the majority of the ingredients in it, which I think is good. I can control the salt and keep out the preservatives and other chemical mysteries. One pizza was made with basil pesto that I made from last year's massive basil harvest. The other was a traditional tomato based, cheesy pizza made with homemade sauce, again made from last year's harvest. The only real mystery is cheese. I don't know a lot of people who make their own cheese. Maybe someday I'll figure that out...although the enzymes needed to do it kind of gross me out.

What did you do for fun?

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