Monday, May 17, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #123 - iPad Annoyance

One of the things I miss on the iPad? The ability to use arrow keys. It makes it difficult to edit text passages. While the screen is very touch sensitive, I find that pinpointing a letter on a word is very difficult and time consuming. Viva typos!


Anonymous said...

You can use a bluetooth keyboard with the iPad... Although if you're going to be lugging around a keyboard with the iPad, might as well just have a laptop. I really like my iPad but it really annoys me when I can't view sites that use Flash!

Cat said...

Good to know that the keyboard is possible, but as you said, if I lug around a keyboard, might as well lug around a laptop.

I haven't run into TOOOO much trouble with Flash sites, yet. I guess I don't go to too many of them?

Thanks for your comment!