Sunday, April 04, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #84 - Easter Birthday

Today was one of only three April 4ths in my potential lifetime where my
birthday and Easter coincide. When I was a kid I thought it would be the
best day evah! Turns out it just means I have ham for birthday dinner.


Anonymous said...

Happy belated B-day greetings! I hope the Easter Bunny was good to you.


Bobber said...

Well, Happy Belated Greetings to you, Cat! Hope you had a good time for your B-day, whatever you did!

Andrew said...

Lordy Lady,
Is Ham everybody elses tradition at Easter? I grew up eating a leg o' lamb. My wife insists that ham is the only acceptable meat for Easter. She cannot abide lamb. She says, "Sure honey you can cook lamb, just when I am gone." A truely enlightened approach to the whole subject. Try getting children to try it when their mother won't!
Andrew Cooley

Cat said...

Thanks, all!
No, Andrew, you can have other things for Easter dinner, it just happens that my family seems to have it more often than not for Easter. Not my favorite, but once or twice a year doesn't kill me.