Sunday, April 11, 2010

Oh hey speaking of mormans...I almost fell outta my chair when radio talk show host Michael Savage said he never met a Morman he didn't like LOL. An ex-girlfriend in Seattle was a Morman....second sweetest babe I ever met after yoohoo :) -B

There's lot of nice Mormons. But they're not all nice. Promise. They're just like real people. You know, I think they may just be real people.

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Anonymous said...

Apparently, the savage wiener never met a Mormon who openly disagreed with anything he said.

Since he typically hates virtually everyone, I assume the above Mormon is the ONLY person of that religion he has met so far.

Therefore, he will come down hard on Mormons soon -- the moment that lone dissenter shows up.

In my weekly quick assessment of Wienie (about all I can stand), I notice he is now preaching gobs of biblical quotes -- both Old and New Testament. Does anyone think that this rectum of talk radio might have developed a bit of a god complex? A kind of drunk one.

I have little doubt that he has developed a progressive form of insanity -- and look for him to finally and totally crack up on the air. What a gift to mankind that will be!