Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A doe, a plant and 3 Porcelain Dolls

What do these things have in common? According to Picasa's face recognition, they all look like me. Seriously. I can kind of see the porcelain dolls. But the doe? Or the plant?! Seriously??
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Marsjanin said...

LOL, it recognizes faces, like in common animations the white bear is draw on the ice: just three black dots. For bear's eyes and nose. Picasa's (and not only, it's common system in new digital photo cameras) system is more advanced, and rather it seeks for mouth, than nose – or both maybe?. Look being more far at the ears of Bambi doe (as points for eyes), and a mouth. All the background may be interpreted as face color as well. The plant? I can see three green dots laying in characteristic triangle shape. Even there's fourth one, that can stand for e.g. standing ear like that Bambi's. ;)

Cat said...

If only it were my face it was finding in the photos, this would explain it.
BUT...I have 40+ people being recognized and categorized. One does have a couple of bricks suggested as his face, and another has a tiny segment of farm equipment as their's. Aside from that, it's my face that is getting the freak recognition. No one else has a plant or a deer!

Marsjanin said...

Well, what's difference between a mistaken bricks or equipment, and deer or plant?

Or I don't catch Your humor sense because of my lack of practicing English… Sorry, if so. :)

I have to play some with that Picasa. I'm also using that because of SIMPLE and really USEFUL straighting engine and because of having galleries on Google's web, so the automation of resize and upload process that Picasa gives to me is really nice. But I didn't tried that feature so far. :) I wonder what it will recognize for faces, if something funny, I'll link that. :)

Moreover – well, the faces of dolls are roundy, as Your. Maybe (if Picasa recognizes people BY faces (?), the deer's and plant's photo may have some in common with roundy faces: the three areas (eyes and mouth recognization) is on quite large pole (the rest of a full face, when skinny ones has a lot less surface around them).