Thursday, April 08, 2010

About how many times do you go to Vegas annually? Where is your favorite place to stay when you're there? What's the largest amount of $ you've won and lost there?

It really depends upon the year. This year is a bit unusual. So far three times and I'm a bit bored with it, really.
I stayed at the Wynn most recently and that was a lovely spot. I've been there for dinner and gambling before, but never stayed in the rooms. They are VERY nice. Will be going there again, I'm sure.

Often, we'll stay at Palace Station -- just off the strip. The tower rooms there are pretty nice and updated. Some of the rooms around the pools (courtyard, I believe) are lame.

Largest amount won -- probably only $800 or so. Lost -- about $600 in a trip. Aaack! The losing trips are nooooo fun!

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