Saturday, March 20, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #68 - "It's Gotta Be Stainless"

It's kind of funny hearing home shoppers mentioning the need for
stainless appliances over and over on HGTV. I'm wondering how long it
will take stainless appliances to turn into the currently hated "avocado
green" appliances of the 70s.


Bobber said...

The "affordable" stainless appliances (not the pro and semi pro Viking, etc) frankly, look cheap to me. Tacked on stainless panels do not a "stainless" appliance make. We can thank the Chinese, however, for making stainless cheap in comparison to years ago when it was truly an exceptional and luxury material in the home. I'd much rather put my money into getting my home paid off than into dolling up a tract house with tacky stainless wannabes or Pro options when there is no pro cooking/cleaning going on. My homes are homes, not investments, and we live in them for ourselves, not the next buyer. And I really don't think Sunset Magazine will do a spread on our place any time soon either, so there is not much motivation that way either. ;-)