Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #66 - Census Racism

It seems the main goal of the 2010 US census form is to determine race
and not much else. Also, there's a significant emphasis on determination
of hispanic origin. It strikes me as curious that there are several
hispanic categories, Asian categories, but not much of a breakdown for
African Americans. Why is that? I'm thinkin' that it's 'cuz the
government is more concerned about the hispanic influx than African,
Asian or Caucasian immigrants. I'm sure they're wondering if their
*cough* fabulous *cough* fence at the southern border is working. Could
be other reasons, but is it really important?

If I were an illegal in the US, I would send in the census form with
bogus information just so the door to door census takers wouldn't come
knocking. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.
So, how is there any chance they will get an accurate count? No chance,
really. If there weren't such a ridculous level of irrational
immigration fear, there might be some hope. Not this decade.

Finally, what are people of mixed races supposed to put on the form?
Since we're pretty much all of mixed race origins according to some
genetic studies, I'm not sure what I should put on the form. I'm
thinking of "mutt" on the "other" line.


bobber said...

What I want to know is where were all those questions that were supposed to send us all to concentration camps or steal money from our bank accounts??? Some of the craziness I have heard just from my neighbors about the census was enough to make you wonder how people could believe such stuff, especially when the actual Census questionaire was pretty thin on inquiring about personal info. A lot of it seemed like stuff out of the phone book. Seems to me like they are painting the census with pretty broad demographic strokes.