Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #58 - Hoarders 2

I've seen several more Hoarders episodes since I last wrote about it in
this blog. I can see now for most people that the hoarding issues are
far more about mental illness than consumerism. There's been some
extreme cases that are so, so, sad.

One comes immediately to mind -- the woman that would tie herself into a
chair that was perched upon the heap of trash in the kitchen. She tied
herself in so that when she would sleep she wouldn't fall into the
garbage. That was the same woman who no longer had running water, so she
used adult diapers instead of a toilet. The pile of diapers (and human
waste!) was so bad in the bathroom that the floor needed to be removed
'cuz the human waste rotted the floor. It was so extreme. So sad. What
even became sadder was that when the crews were on hand to help clean
the house, she was still unwilling to let some of the trash go. The junk
was more important than the relationship with her daughter, her
health...or anything. Seriously ill and very sad...