Monday, February 22, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #42 - Outed

Living in Utah and not being Mormon can be tricky business. I've been
told that at certain church meetings, church leadership will ask
members if they know of any non-members. Yes, of course, they tell them
that they know me, a non-member. Yippee.

What does this mean aside from the horror of being outed as a
non-member? They will call and ask if the missionaries can come over. Or
sometimes the missionaries show up on the doorstep.

It's not a big deal, but it gets a bit old. It's not like I go door to
door asking people whether or not their religion is BS or not. I figure,
maybe naively, that they have already thought about religion and that
it's probably a done deal and that there's no reason to confront anyone
I don't know well about such private beliefs.

Alas, instead, a few times a year I have to stand steadfast in my
beliefs and go head to head with kids just out of high school who have
been trained to convert. They haven't yet lived on their own nor had to
face difficulties outside of the family womb.

I end up explaining my take on the world and religion's place in it.
Their shiny, happy faces end up seeming oh so concerned that my lack of
faith is wrong. Good times all around.

Each time I go through this I say that next time I will just claim to be
a devil worshipper to scare them away. My only fear is that they will 1.
put this on my permanent record or 2. come bearing torches and still
hope to get to the third lesson.


Anonymous said...

Religion is like hair, people like to spend a lot of time and money on it.

You might want to just tell them that you are 'The Messiah' and you forgive them for their judgemental ways and all will be revealed to them after their deaths. Then tell them to piss off before the one true God gets angry and puts them on the 'smite' list.

Your Long Lost Brother,
(not the Baptist)

Cat said...

:-) Excellent idea, thanks!