Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #39 - Grey

Why does no one select grey as their favorite color? It's such a
wonderful color with symbollic meanings. Moody, neutral and intelligent.
Grey can support and encourage other colors like non other. It can
fortell the impending rain. It can warm a winter's night as a wooly
blend. It can be heathered or flat, imagine that. It can be cool or
warm, blue nor yellow can. Ahhh, lovely grey.


Marsjanin said...

In art, it can be pretty.

Hit the table, and scissors will resound - well, just asked why: Our life is so grey, especially if we do nothing interesting for living; all the winter city panorama, when the old snow lies and lies, going sooo greeey and gloomy, well, all the dust is grey; finally, people are greying when they gone dead.

Harry said...

I use a watercolor Payne's grey for almost all my skys when painting landscapes so grey has it's place. In most instances it seems to mute brightness so it makes a good contrast to my more colorful sections of my paintings.Harry

Cat said...

Thanks for your thought provoking comments!