Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #36 - Celeb Fatty Treatment

Apparently fat celebrities do get mistreated like the rest of us
fatties. Kevin Smith (Silent Bob) was pulled off a Southwest plane today
because he was a "safety risk" sized fatty. Read his tweets about the
ordeal and his reaction:


MichaelinArizona309 said...

Checked out that link and ...and was that his wife? Why do all chubbies, fatties especially fat men need to have a skinny wrapped around I'm a guy and I'm chubby got a fat lady too. I think it's neat. A buddy of mine that's fat made me aware of this fact some time ago when he showed how he was prejudice against heavy women even though he himself was fat. Life is weird I guess. Michael

Cat said...

I think it is his wife. He mentions in his podcast that she's a "chubby chaser". So, it's all good!