Monday, February 08, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #32 - Valentine Memories

Several Valentine's days in a row, my family would go to a hotel in
Minnesota called Paul's Place. I really only recall it being on
Valentine's day weekend 'cuz of the brown lunch sack I would bring with
cherry lollipops, Valentines with elephants on them (I always took the
fat animal Valentines personally, even though I doubt much thought at
all went into their selection for fellow students), and a box or two of
chalk message hearts.

Paul's Place = swimming pool. They had a pool, a hot tub and a cold
plunge. The latter we used just for self torturing pleasure.

I remember spending hours upon hours in that pool. I also remember not
being a very good swimmer, so I'd hold on to the edge of the pool a lot.
So much so that I lost my finger prints one year. Oh! One other fun
memory was the first closed circuit television camera and view I've ever
seen. Having a view of the pool was awesome, so we'd know how many other
peeps were in "our" pool.

Overall, good pool time family memories!