Saturday, February 06, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #31 - Food Memories

I've been asked a question about food through that I will
try to get to tomorrow. It brought to mind some food memories, akin to
"The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on HGTV. Combine that message with a message
from Facebook, and I'm tossed into a distinct memory of the best beans
I've ever ate. Mexican restaurant in Memphis (don't ask where, I don't
recall) had the best tex-mex beans. They were spicy, saucy, whole beans
unlike what most Mexican places put on the table. I've never had any
like it, and yet 8 or so years later they're still fresh in my mind.
It's funny how scents, and tastes can be so vivid. We've had cameras for
over 200 years and yet we haven't been able to create scent or taste
memory books yet? Maybe it is because it's so hard to get it "right"?
There are so many subtle nuances to aromas/flavors that would make it
pretty complex, but you'd think we'd be getting close developing a
scent or taste recorder? Maybe someone is working on this? Hope so.