Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #28 - Blogger.com, FTP and Upcoming Site Changes

I found out today that Blogger.com is going to discontinue FTP
publishing in March. They claim that only a minor percentage of their
patrons use FTP. I know why that is...when I tried to set up an FTP
based blog a few months ago, they buried the self-hosting FTP settings
pretty deep...no one would want to bother with it.

This blog, and obviously the main page of this site, is recreated daily
through Blogger's FTP publishing. Because I have a sh*tload of non-blog
content behind the main page, I cannot move my domain to the Blogger
servers. So, I'm left with a couple of options -- move my blog to a
subdomain of catay.com like blog.catay.com or move to a different blog
publisher which opens up more cans of worms. I would feel bad about the
second option because I've been with Blogger since the days they were
begging for donations to keep them alive during their startup days. I
sent in my donation and received the free stickers. Woot! Now, of course
they're a part of Google's empire. They've come a long way!

Whichever way I end up changing this site (and a few others) there will
be some significant changes coming.


bobber said...

Well, Cat, just let us know what the changes are and where to find you!