Tuesday, February 23, 2010


What was your favorite childhood TeeVee show and how old you were you when you stopped watching it?

I really remember loving Gilligan's Island, Little House on the Prairie, and Hogan's Heroes. Aside from Little House, I'm pretty sure they were already in re-runs at that point so I watched them in the afternoons after school. I would guess that the last time I saw Gilligan's Island or Hogan's Heroes with any regularity was probably when I was 13 or so. Little House is very Mormon friendly, so I end up seeing that fairly often now. I had no idea that I had missed so many episodes growing up. :-)

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Anonymous said...

When you were a bit younger, I believe your favorite shows were 'Sesame Street' & 'Electric Company'.

Another message from your long lost 'older' brother,

MichaelinArizona309 said...

Lets see... I was 12 or 13 it was 1968 and right after Jr.High School let out, last bell; I used to run home fast as I could to watch Dark Shadows and then Star Trek before having to do my chores, practice my trumpet for band go play football and then wash dishes after we ate supper. That said I also used to love Sunday nights when the old Walt Disney Show used to come on. Cartoons were cool too. Oh well. Michael

Cat said...

Ah, yes, Electric Company, definitely!

Dark Shadows! That was a fun show. I used to watch Star Trek a lot, too. I spent many an hour in front of that black and white TV!!