Sunday, February 07, 2010

What's the most amazing desert you've ever had?

Most amazing desert - Death Valley in one of it's most glorious blooms.
Most amazing dessert - hard to pick. There was this awesome, amazing fudgy brownie that I had one time...and I could never find again. Can't duplicated it in a recipe either. I think it was a Borders in Minneapolis, but even repeat visits there, I couldn't find it again. *pout*

There was also the mile-high lemon meringue at the Brother's Deli pie when i was a kid. YUM! I didn't care so much for the meringue, but the rest of it was awesome.

I really love fruit pizza that I make from scratch with a shortbread crust. When the fruit that goes upon it is fresh-fresh, it's devine.

There really are so many...that I can't pick just one.

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Bobber said...

I recall one of those fruit pizzas at your 4th of July party in 2001 ~ It really was delish (to quote Rachel Ray).