Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Cat your clothes always look so beautiful. As a fat woman how do you find good looking clothes that suit your style and look good on you? Where there any hits and misses along the way finding clothes that suit you and your style?

Thanks for the compliment! I often worry that most of the photos on here of late have me in my "travel clothes"...black skirt and various tops. Gotta travel in comfort!

I shop at a lot of different places online as there are no fat girl shops in Utah aside from Lane Bryant and Torrid. Oldnavy.com, avenue.com, eshakti.com, ullapopken.com, loveyourpeaches.com, junonia.com. Those are the primary spots. And, yes, there have been lots of hits and misses at each. Sometimes it's the quality. Sometimes it's the fit. Ya just never know when buying strictly from online. Ulla Popken used to be the most reliable, but it's really not any longer. Now I find that Old Navy is the most reliable for sizing, but quality is hit and miss.

I also make some of my own clothes, which again are hits and misses only because I often need to resize a size 18 pattern to fit my girthier frame. While I've gotten *pretty good* at resizing, once in a while I do make errors and I end up with a pile of half sewn boo-boos.

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