Monday, February 01, 2010

I'm a large person and have a terrible time finding a comfortable computer chair. Do you have any suggestions? --Kathy

I found that doing a butt-test at Office Max or other stores that offer chairs is the best way to go. My current chair is an Office Max butt-tested variety that I picked up about five years ago. It had one issue with a wheel about a year ago, but with a quick presto-change-o wheel replacement, it's good to go again.

When the wheel was a problem, I ended up buying a Safco Uber Big and Tall chair from online. As promised in the name, it's BIG! Plenty of butt room! Unfortunately, it was completely uncomfortable for me 'cuz I'm on the short end of things at 5'5" and because it's made for taller folks, the minimum height was just way too high. I had to have a foot rest to keep from cutting the circulation off my feet as they dangled over the edge. I ended up giving it to my step-daughter who LOOOVES it. So, depending upon your leg length, it may or may not work for you.

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