Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #9 - Projects

I'm not a project manager. In fact, I HATE project management. I like to tackle projects that can be done in a day. Longer than a day and I just feel overwhelmed and suddenly a relatively simple project seems impossible or at least improbable that a deadline could possibly be met.

I know, I know...a large project is typically just a series of smaller projects. Maybe this is why I hate project management so much...I can't see the edge of the forest clearly. No, I see every stinkin' tree and I can't see any way through to the end. Put all of the trees in a spreadsheet and it just seems even more overwhelming. The trees never disappear on the spreadsheet...they just get greyed out which means they're still there...calling me to cut them down....

I think the bottom line is that I wasn't meant to be a lumberjack.