Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #7 - Sappy


Confession time. I tend to ascribe feelings to inanimate objects. Like these stuffed toys that were found in a ditchbank. They must feel like they were rejected by their owners, right? I mean, how could they be loved for weeks/months/years and then discarded in a ditch like they didn't matter?? Oh, you might say they're just fiberfill and plush fur, but no...they've got feelings, too.

It's not just stuffed animals, either. If I leave a pillow case out on the line at night, I think that it might just feel cold or lonely or ignored or _____. Is that nuts or what?

It's not that I have overwhelming thoughts like this, just that it passes through my brain at one point or another, and often it becomes a motivating factor for me to donate rather than discard. Although, the thought of my possessions getting abused in the 'wrong hands' has crossed my mind. Ok, maybe that is a bit nutz....
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marsjanin said...

Come on... You don't feel lonely... Do You?

Gary said...

Ok well as seen as you confessed, I may as well too. I kind of do have the same thoughts too. I got bought a teddy raccoon as a present ages ago from a close friend and I do think the same things. It was on the window sill and I moved him because it was cold and moved him to somewhere warmer.

I only do things to things that have a personality like stuffed toys or crafted things, not all things like a cup or a pen or something.

and yes they are referred to as she or he.

Its nice to be a little eccentric. Makes life that little bit more interesting.