Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #3 - Math Problems

A sample math problem from schoool: You've got two trains on different
tracks heading toward each other. One is traveling north at 65 miles an
hour and the other is traveling south at 150 miles per hour. The
northbound train is 15 miles farther south than Saint Joseph, and the
southbound train is 30 miles north of Cottonville. It's 3 o'clock. At
what time will they pass each other?

My answer was always the same -- "Who cares?"
Seriously. It was the 80s -- no one was riding the train back then,
either. (Amtrak, you know it's true.) So, conceiveably it was just
frieght. If you were *that* concerned about the exact time the two
trains would cross paths, maybe you should have been a train engineer.
Otherwise, it really doesn't matter when the chickens in one box car
were going to cross the corn syrup cars.

No wonder I didn't get the best grades in junior high math.