Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #21 - eBay Greed

I received an email from eBay indicating that yet again they are
changing the sales fee structure in March. Because they change their
policies often, I can't help but imagine they have a board of greedy
bastards number crunching to find a way to get more, more, MORE profits.
Across the hall, they have a sniveling group of marketing weasels trying
to figure out a way to spin the new fee structure so that it seems they
are changing for the benefit of all. Eh, what's new? I guess a lot of
companies do that.

It's just that eBay is at this point nearly a monopoly for certain
categories of auction items. They have the buying traffic for antique
bottles (as an example). Moving listings to a startup online auction
house just isn't feasible without traffic to drive items to their proper
value. You just get nibbles and basically sell the items at a discount
due to the lack of interested buyers.

eBay knows this...and well, bend over. NOW!

I do have to give them a minor prop for their flattened final value
fees. They're high, but at least now they're very easy to figure.
Well...that is until they change their fee structure again later in the


Anonymous said...

It is a symrtom of our country's current condition. We are being lead by people who have (almost) never been told no. They have never been told they are wrong. They have been coddled like proffessional athletes. Their hold on reality is very narrow. One way or another, they will be forced to change their outlook on the world. The unfortunate part is that they drag much more creative & intelligent people down with them.o