Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #14 - Food, Inc.

I recently watched the documentary, Food, Inc. It provides insight into
how our country's food is produced. I wish it had even more detail than
it did, but for 90 minutes of film, it showed some disturbing detail of
monopoly behavior going on in the industry. One of the most disturbing
stories was that of the Monsanto mafia controlling the soybean seed
market. Due to a law change in the 80's they were able to copyright seed
genetics. If you're a soybean farmer, the dark suited heat may come
knocking and suing you for copyright infringement, even if you had a
soybean crop that was accidentally crossbred by a neighboring field of
copyrighted beans. Why is this important? You don't eat soybeans. But,
you probably do and you don't even know it. Currently, soybeans and corn
are a component of ~80% of products in the supermarket. That fact alone
is freaky. Of course, if you buy strictly from the fresh veggies &
fruit, you can avoid them, but if you ever buy processed foods, a lot of
the mystery chemicals are soy or corn byproducts.
So, all in all, a very interesting and disturbing movie...and I'm only
touching on one small aspect. Well worth a viewing!


Anonymous said...

please talk to a real farmer instead of watching some movie that out to make agenda for themselves.

Anonymous said...

the farmer cuts his throat by helping himself. over the decades he has did too good of a job growing cheap food for the world. he should of notgot so good at creating a suplus, so you non-farmers would be giving him a decent wage, instead of him getting very little for all the hard work he does!