Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hi Cat! Was wondering, whats a tipical day for you like?-Paul

Hmm...a typical week day starts with a trip to the bathroom at 7:45ish. Followed by a trip to the office (which is in my house, so the commute isn't far). Depending upon the day's workload, I work between 4 and 10 hours, usually closer to 6 or 7. I break for lunch 'round about noon and have been attempting to eat food from home rather than fast food or the like. Lunch usually lasts an hour or so. If work is really busy, I'll grab something quick from the kitchen and head back to my desk to eat there. Otherwise, I head to the living room for the television news.

Really, nothing too exciting!

After work is over, I typically take a shower. I put on my play clothes and there's play time which can be a bunch of different things, depending upon the time of year and what's going on. Shopping, crafts, sewing, reading magazines, surfing for new creative endeavors online, jamming, looking for something new to whip up for dinner, etc.

Evening consists of movies or television very often during the winter months. Summer months usually are more active with outside stuff, chatting with family on the back patio, digging trips, etc.

Often, too, Winter and Summer (and everything in between), we often go on photo drives with the digital SLR. Hunting down wildlife on the eastern and western sides of the valley, etc.

Nights end in the 11pm to midnightish time frame, punctuated with a trip to the bathroom to pee and brush my teeth.

As mentioned, not really too exciting on a typical day.

Ask me anything

Checking to see if thingy out with an easy one...What happened to the rest of your face in your pic?

It does work! I thought no one had asked anything, but there you are...asking! Who knew I had to login?
Anyway, what happened to the rest of my face? I'm not sure which picture you're referencing, but in most of my partial face shots, I've cut out the ugly side and left the better looking side for display purposes. Oftentimes one side or the other will do odd things and clearly it must be punished by banishment.

Thanks for your question! Ask me more!

Ask me anything

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #25 - Go Ahead, Ask Me

Click this link and ask me anything!
I'll do my best to answer promptly and honestly. Feel free to ask
anything that pops in your head!

Thought of the Day 2010 #24 - Words

On any given day, I figure I speak about 500 different words. I clearly
need to get out more.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #23 - PSotW

I finally updated the Photo Selection of the Week area of the site...and
filled in lots of blanks. Wooohooo!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #22 - iPad

The new Apple iPad was introduced today. I'm excited to give it a whirl.
I'm excited by the size of the screen, the touch controls, and the ebook
support. My major disappointment? I really wish they would figure out
how to display pop-up books properly...

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #21 - eBay Greed

I received an email from eBay indicating that yet again they are
changing the sales fee structure in March. Because they change their
policies often, I can't help but imagine they have a board of greedy
bastards number crunching to find a way to get more, more, MORE profits.
Across the hall, they have a sniveling group of marketing weasels trying
to figure out a way to spin the new fee structure so that it seems they
are changing for the benefit of all. Eh, what's new? I guess a lot of
companies do that.

It's just that eBay is at this point nearly a monopoly for certain
categories of auction items. They have the buying traffic for antique
bottles (as an example). Moving listings to a startup online auction
house just isn't feasible without traffic to drive items to their proper
value. You just get nibbles and basically sell the items at a discount
due to the lack of interested buyers.

eBay knows this...and well, bend over. NOW!

I do have to give them a minor prop for their flattened final value
fees. They're high, but at least now they're very easy to figure.
Well...that is until they change their fee structure again later in the

Thought of the Day 2010 #20 - Buttars

Utah State Representative Chris Buttars (quoted as saying, "...gays are the biggest threat to America" amongst other pearls) is an idiot. When I hear him speak, my skin crawls as his repulsive, cowardly and imbicilic thoughts roll through his lips.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I am honored and humbled to have been immortalized into art by the world renowned FA Painter, Marty!
Stop by his blog and look at beautiful works of some lovely women. ( He's got a knack at bringing his subject's personality to life. Just wonderful.
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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #19 - Luck

Does luck really exist? I would consider myself lucky to find out the

Thought of the Day 2010 #18 - Looting

In Haiti damage, is it really looting when the building being "looted" is completely collapsed? Isn't it more of a service of clearing rubble? No idea if the shop owners have insurance, but if they do, you know it's already been declared a complete loss.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #17 - Seventeen

Remember when you were seventeen? I'm sure you thought you knew
everything, too. Turns out, we didn't even know half of what we know
now. Maybe when we are 80, we will look back to now and think the same
thing? Nah. We we'll probably be back to knowing half of what we know

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #16 - Meyer Lemons

I picked up a couple of pounds of Meyer lemons the other day. They're a
small citrus fruit that is believed to be a cross between a lemon and
mandarin oranges. I put a call out for recipes and a couple of people
mentioned curd. I only remember having jarred curd once or twice, but I
had never tried Meyer lemons in *anything* before, so what da
was worth a shot. Turns out lemon curd is super easy to make..and it
tastes fabulous!! Now...what to put it on. Ivan suggested cheesecake.
Lemon and cheesecake?? You bet. So, as I write this a cheesecake is
brewing in the oven. Tomorrow...the full Meyer lemon deliciousness will
be had!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #15 - Abnormally Paranormal

I think I've been watching too many paranormal movies lately. Ever since
I cleaned out the guest room closet this past weekend, I have a creepy
feeling coming from that room. Like a presence in the doorway. Oh, and a
couple of times I've heard footsteps when no one else is around.
Creeptastic! Maybe it's the ghosts of donated household miscellany??

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #14 - Food, Inc.

I recently watched the documentary, Food, Inc. It provides insight into
how our country's food is produced. I wish it had even more detail than
it did, but for 90 minutes of film, it showed some disturbing detail of
monopoly behavior going on in the industry. One of the most disturbing
stories was that of the Monsanto mafia controlling the soybean seed
market. Due to a law change in the 80's they were able to copyright seed
genetics. If you're a soybean farmer, the dark suited heat may come
knocking and suing you for copyright infringement, even if you had a
soybean crop that was accidentally crossbred by a neighboring field of
copyrighted beans. Why is this important? You don't eat soybeans. But,
you probably do and you don't even know it. Currently, soybeans and corn
are a component of ~80% of products in the supermarket. That fact alone
is freaky. Of course, if you buy strictly from the fresh veggies &
fruit, you can avoid them, but if you ever buy processed foods, a lot of
the mystery chemicals are soy or corn byproducts.
So, all in all, a very interesting and disturbing movie...and I'm only
touching on one small aspect. Well worth a viewing!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #13 - Oh My Darling!

Oh my darling clementine! It's clementine season and they are awesome
right now. Little gems of citrus goodness! Get 'em while they're
hot...'er ice cold!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #12 - Lurve!

eShakti's new spring dress line is sooooo pretty! I pretty much want all of them! Or at the least maybe 7. The prices are inexpensive to start...and they allow for custom sizing for an additional fee. Soooooo awesome. It's like getting Anthropologie type clothing (which I lurve) in large sizes and easily half the price! Can you tell I'm excited by them?! Dang!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #11 - Milk Man

I don't recall if I mentioned this before, but it came up again. My step
daughter avoids milk because of something a teacher told her -- "Man is
the only animal that drinks milk beyond infancy."

While true for the most part, there are several things that immediately
come to mind. First, lots of animals would choose to drink milk if they
could. Cats love milk. Dogs love ice cream.

Secondly, and possibly most importantly -- man is the only animal that
has flown to the moon. Just a silly example of the underlying problem --
we're animals, but we're a bit different than the rest with cognitive
and physical abilities that most other animals would dream of having, if
they dreamed.

While I don't believe we need to drink milk and possibly there are
negative issues related to milk consumption, I find it a bit
shortsighted to make the animal-man direct comparison in order to make a
case against its consumption.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #10 - Haiti

My thoughts today drifted often to the horrific situation in Haiti. I'm
sure it's going to get worse before it gets any better.

Nothing torques me more about a natural disaster than narrow minded
people who blame a god's vengance on the situation. I actually saw
someone say that New Orlean's hurricane and Haiti's eartquake are tied
together because of the resident's religious beliefs. God is punishing
them for voodoo-riffic thoughts, I guess. Ugh. So, when a hurricane hits
a heavily Christian area, it's happening because...because just a
handful of nonbelievers brought it to the area, right??
That's right 'cuz ya gotta blame *someone* for a natural occurrence.
I wonder if they blame impure thoughts for pimples? And colds on past
uses of swear words?
Nutty, nutty, really.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #9 - Projects

I'm not a project manager. In fact, I HATE project management. I like to tackle projects that can be done in a day. Longer than a day and I just feel overwhelmed and suddenly a relatively simple project seems impossible or at least improbable that a deadline could possibly be met.

I know, I know...a large project is typically just a series of smaller projects. Maybe this is why I hate project management so much...I can't see the edge of the forest clearly. No, I see every stinkin' tree and I can't see any way through to the end. Put all of the trees in a spreadsheet and it just seems even more overwhelming. The trees never disappear on the spreadsheet...they just get greyed out which means they're still there...calling me to cut them down....

I think the bottom line is that I wasn't meant to be a lumberjack.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #8 - Brutal

After several weeks of partial work weeks, I'm looking at a whhhhooole
week of work this week. Brutal! Good thing MLK's day is next week to
ease me into this hectic (heheh! ok.."normal") schedule.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #7 - Sappy


Confession time. I tend to ascribe feelings to inanimate objects. Like these stuffed toys that were found in a ditchbank. They must feel like they were rejected by their owners, right? I mean, how could they be loved for weeks/months/years and then discarded in a ditch like they didn't matter?? Oh, you might say they're just fiberfill and plush fur, but no...they've got feelings, too.

It's not just stuffed animals, either. If I leave a pillow case out on the line at night, I think that it might just feel cold or lonely or ignored or _____. Is that nuts or what?

It's not that I have overwhelming thoughts like this, just that it passes through my brain at one point or another, and often it becomes a motivating factor for me to donate rather than discard. Although, the thought of my possessions getting abused in the 'wrong hands' has crossed my mind. Ok, maybe that is a bit nutz....
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Thought of the Day 2010 #6 - Conventional

While in Vegas, we were asked several times which convention we were
going to or were in town for. There were two HUGE conventions in town --
Consumer Eletronics and and Adult Entertainment Expo. I wasn't there for
either, but it made me wonder why they asked... 'cuz I don't remember
being asked that any time previously. Did I look like a porn producer or
a electronic guru?? Maybe both?

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #5 - Delay of Game

I've been a bit behind on posting Photo Selections of the Week to this site. Apologies! When I return from Vegas (yup, going again!) this weekend, I hope to play catch-up.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #4 - Skype

If you haven't tried Skype yet, what's stopping you?? I've only had good
experiences with it. Video calls from as far as Spain is just as clear
as my friend's video calls from Minneapolis. The sound quality is
excellent, too. So, computer to computer calls with're
wondering what does it cost to use?? NOTHING!! Seriously, you've gotta
try it.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #3 - Math Problems

A sample math problem from schoool: You've got two trains on different
tracks heading toward each other. One is traveling north at 65 miles an
hour and the other is traveling south at 150 miles per hour. The
northbound train is 15 miles farther south than Saint Joseph, and the
southbound train is 30 miles north of Cottonville. It's 3 o'clock. At
what time will they pass each other?

My answer was always the same -- "Who cares?"
Seriously. It was the 80s -- no one was riding the train back then,
either. (Amtrak, you know it's true.) So, conceiveably it was just
frieght. If you were *that* concerned about the exact time the two
trains would cross paths, maybe you should have been a train engineer.
Otherwise, it really doesn't matter when the chickens in one box car
were going to cross the corn syrup cars.

No wonder I didn't get the best grades in junior high math.

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #2 - Old School Mario

I'm reminded while playing the old school Mario Brothers on the Wii,
that as I've gotten older, my mad video game skills have NOT improved
with age.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Thought of the Day 2010 #1 - So, What's Stopping You??

If you're fat and have ever thought that you can't do something
(swimming, dancing, going out to eat/dinner/party) because you feel that
you will be ridiculed or unwelcome, the only person you have to blame is
you. There are assholes everywhere that will mock, but just ignore their
attempts to puff themselves up, and just enjoy yourself!! The asswipes
will eventually lose their power over you, and you'll be able to live a
full life. It's not always easy, but the alternative is to let the
asswipes control your life. You DO NOT want to give them that power over