Thursday, December 31, 2009

Thought of the Day #318 - Run of ToTD

I started the "Thought of the Day" posts on the blog as a personal challenge. How hard can it be to have just one little old thought per day? Well, as it turns out, pretty tricky.

While 318 ToTD's isn't tooooooo bad out of the 365 potential, what I've found most shocking is the lack of depth in most of the thoughts of the day. I'm going to admit something here...and I'm certain you'll all be shocked...I don't share EVERYTHING on this site. Shocking, I know. Obviously I've got more thoughts whirring about my bitty brain than I ever post here, but most of the time I think "Eh...who really cares? It's really not worth posting." Then of course, the thought crosses my mind..."But you need to post SOMETHING." Yeah, so those are the days you get the "Crap, I'm tired," or "The sky is pretty," shit.

It's hard to post things, too, when I know there's not much of an audience here. I can count most of the people who stop by regularly on one hand -- Gary, John, Claudia, Paul and sometimes Peter or Bruce. (Hi, ya'll!) I'm sure there are another silent few, but without any sort of feedback, it's a bit like writing in a private journal tucked away under the mattress. Eh? Maybe that's ok.


marsjanin said...

Well, I think posting ToTD is a bit too frequent. Much better is to say something when it's worth it. Sometime once a month, other time few times a day. :) But keep posting, some of Your ToTDs was really nice, other has clever notes, like about legs on the airport. :)

Anonymous said...

I like all your postings! I guess if you want more responses, you could get more controversial. I think you might need to do some self promotion to get more responses. Rent the side of a bus, maybe?

Take Care,
Your Brother,
-John- ‡

Gary said...

It is nice to read what someone is thinking no matter if its mundane or deep. The depth of the thought can show what mood your in really. We all have days where you just want to drift through the day without a care in the world. Sometimes we want to think about everything in the universe.

I don't see how a ToTD is too frequent, as in once a day. Title kinda gives it away :p

Anonymous said...

OK, silent majority says, "We r reading, just not responding. U r not that controversial, but U r worth reading. So keep posting please."

Andrew C

Cat said...

Thanks for all of the feedback! I have received a few emails, too, so I guess there are a few more people out *here* than I thought.
I'm continuing the ToTD fiesta. Woot!

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Please don't stop posting everyday.