Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Thought of the Day #317 - Star Trek

I finally had a chance to see the summer blockbuster "Star Trek". Loved
it! It gave me faith in sci-fi movies again. I WILL be seeing again!


Gary said...

I haven't seen that one but it sounds like a good recommendation. Hasn't been a good sci-fi movie for ages it seems. Are you a bit of a sci-fi fan?

Cat said...

No, not normally. I liked the Star Wars series and like this one, but most traditional sci-fis are a bit too fantasy-based or dry boring geek episodes.

Anonymous said...

The new Trek was great.
Along the same lines, do you watch 'The Big Bang Theory' on CBS Monday night? It's great geeky fun. Lots of Trek humor too.It's scoring really great in the Nielsen ratings.

Tale Care Little Sister,

Bob said...

It was one hell of a movie. I saw it when it came out and got it at Blockbuster for $7.50. How cool is that? I finally came out of the shadows, been coming back here for years. It's a great website.