Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Thought of the Day #303 - Uhrohs

I have some partial filled jam jars in the fridge from when I was making
jam. I tried one variety today and it had sugar crystals in it! Uhrohs!
Not good. I don't know if it crystallized 'cuz it was half full, or 'cuz
it was refrigerated or if the whole batch was supersaturated sugar that
will eventually crystallize in the jar! Grrr. I've never had it happen
before, but now it's got me worried about the jams. I'm thinkin' of
having a jam tasting party so that we can open one of each variety to
make sure there are no others that are crystallizing. I saw
crystallization mentioned in a jam book and figured that only happens to
"other people". Oh, the horrors!