Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thought of the Day #299 - Hosting Thanksgiving

I wish I was hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, but alas, I will be
traveling a few hours south to dine elsewhere. I prefer to host because
I like the challenge of getting all of the foods cooked and ready at the
same time. I also looooove the smell of baked pies and turkey and well,
all of the other fabulous scents of the day. I also like doing the
traditonal foods, but also throwing in something new each year. Some
awesome dishes have been discovered -- corn casserole being one of my
favs from several years ago. Oh, there was a really yummy spinach puff a
couple of years ago. While I lurved it, it hasn't received a lot of
familial requests. Ya win some and lose some, I guess.

So, this year, I'm just making and bringing rolls...but to make it a
little hazardous, I made and formed the rolls tonight. I popped them in
the freezer so that they will thaw/rise on the drive. Now, this could be
a complete disaster, but I thought it would be a safer bet than
par-baking them. Oh, and the reason for this? The rolls are so much
better when served fresh from the oven. There really is no comparison.
Oh, and the smell of baking bread *and* turkey? Delovely!