Sunday, November 22, 2009

A little Crippy Craft Action

These are the stockings that I created for a friend of mine. The designs were loosely (very loosely!) inspired by a sample stocking that she had from when she was a kid.

A couple of things I would do differently if I were to do these again -- make sure that the writing on the cuff was consistently lined up. The two boys' names don't look too bad, but "Dad" is very askew. One of the reasons behind this -- I had to create several cuffs to try to get the names to look right. I wrote the names before they were attached to the rest of the stocking. What's the saying? "Measure once, cut twice"...err..."Measure Twice, cut once". That would have helped me. :-) Since I was on a really tight deadline (they had to be in her hot little fist by Thanksgiving!), I didn't have time to rewrite and redo the cuffs.

Second thing I would do differently -- the faces! Ideally, they would be painted on, rather than made out of felt. I would also muck around with them a bit more to get them a bit less creepy.

Oh, and since someone will probably mention this, the reason "Mrs. Claus" is dressed a little crazier than the typical Mrs. Claus, was by request of my friend -- shorter skirt and high heels. I hope she wasn't joking!
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