Monday, November 02, 2009

Actually finishing some Quilts!

I started and finished the baby quilt last week and finally, after probably a year and a half, finished the queen size quilt shown below. Yeah, sometimes, they're quick and easy...sometimes I have brain blockages. The baby quilt was my first attempt at "machine quilting". Turned out okie, I think. The queen size quilt is hand tied and quilted along the edge for a little extra stability. It's good to finally get that one done.

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Anonymous said...

Those quilts are amazing Cat...very pretty. Your an artist.

I know what you mean about "brain blockages". I have a quilt which is almost finished all the pieces are sewn together. All that's left to complete is 75% of the quilting and the edging where the top meets the bottom of the quilt. Maybe the quite of the winter will provide time so it can be finished this year.

Paul B, Winnipeg.

Heather Busher said...

I Love Love Love both of these quilts. I haven't done the machine quilting yet... that takes a special machine, right? It looks gorgeous and I really love the fabrics you found for the queen... truly fabulous!