Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thought of the Day #276 - Admitting a Prejudice

Driving down the highway and seeing deer antlers sticking out the back
of a truckbed, I will admit that my first feeling is "idiot on board".

I'm sure not all hunters are idiots, but a great many are. The guys that
brag about the number of points on the stag's rack only makes me think
the guy (or girl, for that matter) is speaking proudly of their IQ

"Gun go boom, deer died, I have 10 point IQ. Me wanna put on wall. Ain't
I great?"

Sorry, but that's how I see it.

I really would prefer that hunting was a fair fight. I would have
respect for guys who would run up to deer and take 'em with their bare
hands. Now, THAT would be impressive.


Gary said...

That made me laugh but yes I agree. I think hunting for a hobby or even a sport (how the hell is it a sport) just wrong and stupid.

I'm not against killing animals for food or anything like that but to kill anything just for enjoyment sake is just crap (unless its spiders then it counts as self defense).

Andrew C said...

Yes hunting is rather primal. You raise your own fruits and veggies. Is that an example of your primal gatherer need?

Now man has eliminated most of the main predators in North America.
Would you rather see deer dying of hunger or being forced to enjoy those fruits and veggies you have grown?
The hunters I know do field butcher their kills, gotta be done for bucks, and either put the meat in their own freezers or give the meat to needy groups.
Now I personally would rather shoot such noble creatures with a camera but I am lazy.