Monday, October 26, 2009

Thought of the Day #274 - How Is Yawning Related to Smartphones?

Both are suggestively done. Sit with other people checking email/news or
other content and suddenly your fingers get twitchy and YOU MUST check
out your own phone...just like being near a yawner. It's soooo


marsjanin said...

Damn, right! LOL! :D

Gary said...

Does it work if you call someone on a smartphone and yawn down the phone?


marsjanin said...

Yes, it also does.

I heard somewhere (maybe on some NG or similar TV program) yawning is natural process when our brain wants (beyond our perception) more fresh air to work more intensive. Why is that suggestive? When someone yawns, our brain detects that man's brain is now able to work "faster" because of deeper breath taken. And our brain is clever; it wants the same for itself! That's why we almost every time sooo want to yawn, when others does. This may came from prehistoric times, when men fights often and has to be ready for a fight in any time. In family it can work even with a pet. I really didn't observed (yet!) if my pets wants to yawn if I do, but when I am tired and my dog yawns, I yawn too. :)

So, if it is some logical behavior, that's no obstacle we just see yawner on screen or even just hear if he yawns between words in a phone call.