Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thought of the Day #271 - Indecent Exposure

I saw a news story tonight about a guy who was arrested for indecent
exposure for being naked in his own home. A woman and a child saw him as
they were walking by his uncovered window and apparently called the cops
after seeing his "bits" exposed through the window.
This link has the full article in it:

I don't know how I can describe the incredulity I feel over this. NO ONE
should be charged with indecent exposure when in their own home. I don't
even care if the guy was masturbating in the window. It's his home and
his right to do what he wants regardless of window coverings. The
passersby are the ones choosing to *peep* through the man's windows.
While children may look, it was clear the guy wasn't trying to draw the
child's attention...he was just drinking/making coffee.
It's the parent's responsibility to educate their children not to look
in other's windows or to tell them to look away if there is something

If this man ends up getting convicted, it will set a really bad
presidence. Will we be recovered by law to draw the drapes whenever
having sex? The joys of sex in a ray of sunshine would be over. Would we
be required to glass block EVERY bathroom window to prevent accidental
genital exposure? Will we be required by law to put on a robe the moment
we jump from the shower?? There is no end to how much this would limit
one of our simpler liberies.

Save your freedom and vacuum naked in your house without reserve!


Anonymous said...

I saw a European Travel show... I think they were in Switzerland(?) Anyway, they sunbathe nude in the city parks and no one thinks twice about it. They recently passed a law where they have to wear clothes on public transportation, but otherwise can walk around naked if they want. Which makes that news story seem all that more ridiculous!


Gary said...

It is such a stupid story. I agree with you about being naked in your own home. Doing naked house work is great and I do it sometimes.

And yes, making love in the sunshine is fantastic and recommend it to anyone :p