Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thought of the Day #269 - Fun!

I'm having a blast in New Jersey meeting old friends and new! Sorry for
the lack of TotDs. I am staying up waaaaaay too late, but at least
conversing is a much better excuse than "watching TV" or "browsing
online" for my time disappearing so quickly.


Anonymous said...

I COVET that white dress with the black flowers you were wearing in the NJ Bash photos! Where did you get that? I love it!

Cat said...

Thanks! It's For a short while they had sizes up to 36 as "standard" sizing. They're back down to 26, but you can always customize the sizing on the site for an additional fee. I've only ordered two things from them and so far, I'm pretty impressed with the quality and the speed at which they deliver.