Monday, October 12, 2009

Thought of the Day #266 - Planning for Travel

On Thursday, I'm heading to New Jersey for the BBW bash in Springfield.
(If you're going to be there, please say howdy if you see me...) The
weather is going to be chilly -- under 50s for highs. Which means I'm
going to need warmer clothing...which means it's going to take up more
space in my carryon. (Just say no to checked luggage, if you can!) Fat
girl's clothing is larger than average size clothing, right? So, if
you're average size, four day's worth of clothing will easily fit in a
carryon. For me, I've gotta make very careful choices. In the summer, I
can eek out a week's wardrobe in a carryon, but just barely. So, all of
this babble means more planning ahead than my normal of packing the
morning of the flight. Boo. Well, back to my list writing. As you


marsjanin said...

Just buy some bigger car. Or a small trailer to Your sweet VW Beatle, if You still got it. :)

Have good time and take care, Cat!

PS. bring some photos... ;) We here in Europe haven't bashes like that.